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Lonah Okumu

Welcome to Jirani's!

Jirani's is able to distinguish itself by having authentic African food with superior quality, where all the dishes are thought in a harmonic combination of tastes, scents and colors, which reflects my search for perfection in every single dish in order to deliver the best possible experience to you.

Here, you will not find the traditional African cuisine alone, but instead, a range of modernized versions of the traditional recipes that are beloved by so many.“ Chef Lornah Okumu.


Nyama Choma.
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Grilled chicken served with french fries and simple salad.
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Our Cuisines

African, Continental, Italian, Indian and others.

African Cuisine

African Cuisine

Chicken Stew

African Cuisine

African Cuisine

Mbuzi Choma

African Cuisine

African Cuisine

Beef Goulash

African Cuisine

African Cuisine

Grilled Chicken

African Cuisine

African Cuisine

Fish Curry

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